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Widex is a family-owned enterprise founded in Denmark in 1956. Today, it is one of the world's biggest hearing aid producers. Widex hearing aids are distributed in over 100 countries, and the organization employs more than 4,000 employees worldwide.

Established in Denmark in 1956, the Topholm and Westermann families started Widex as a small family-run company, and today it is still run by the founders' relatives. The home office of Widex is in Denmark and represents their philosophy of quality and foresight.

In 1995, Widex launched the world's first 100 percent digital In-The-Ear hearing aid. Widex was awarded the European Invention Award for it's services to hearing aid technology in 2012. In 2018 Widex was the first to deliver artificial intelligence and machine learning hearing aids.

Widex advances new technology at a quality level that few can equal, and this has established Widex's reputation as one of the industry's most creative hearing aid manufacturers.


The new Marvel technology provides outstanding hearing ability, voice comprehension, and sound quality, no matter where you happen to be. All of Phonak's cutting edge technology has been incorporated into one unified framework.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Widex strives to provide a natural sound, regardless of hearing loss or hearing aid preferences. Widex recently developed the world's first hearing aid powered by real-time machine learning to produce individualized sound — one that can determine what a person needs to hear at that exact moment to customize their sound experience.

    The Widex AI engine analyzes user preferences provided by SoundSense Learn and presents a tailor-made sound the wearer is looking for. SoundSense Learn has created nearly a million unique sound solutions for users worldwide to date — each making Widex's AI engine more potent than ever before, contributing to improved hearing in thousands of real-life environments.

    And wearers can now share this critical data with us for real-life insights, giving us an insightful look into their patients' real-life hearing experiences.

  • Reducing background noise

    All manufacturers have robust background noise reduction features. Widex has, however, implemented a new feature that puts extra focus on eliminating lower, low-level background noise, which can be incredibly distracting.

    Widex has always placed great emphasis on soft sound inputs because they believe the more subtle sounds are essential for comprehension in speech. But there are other kinds of soft noises you don't need to hear, like a computer fan or the dryer. Combined with their current noise reduction capabilities, this new feature ensures that Widex hearing aids work well in all sound conditions.


Latest Widex Models

Widex Moment

This is the first hearing aid to provide two separate sound sources so that wearers can get natural sound depending on their hearing loss needs. 

Through the use of ZeroDelay Technology and the Widex PureSound, Widex has revolutionized its users' real-life hearing experiences. 

The innovative new ZeroDelay driven PureSound path is the industry's fastest signaling route, by far. This platform processes the sound as much as 7ms faster than other wireless hearing aids, providing wearers with a pure and natural sound. 

Widex Evoke

Widex Evoke is part of a new wave of intelligent hearing aids, the first to be equipped with advanced machine learning technology. New SoundSense technology helps users to convey their favorite sound by selecting sound suggestions from the EVOKE app. The powerful processor then uses this information to create even better real-life sound based on their preferences. This also makes the Widex Evoke grow to become even smarter, the more data it processes. And all Evoke hearing aids will benefit from this the input of thousands of users worldwide to further improve speech perception in noise.

Widex Beyond

The beyond offers state-of-the-art sound for people and is compatible with Android and Apple devices. It comes with an app that can be personalized to allow full streaming functionality and settings for many kinds of listening environments. The sound settings and listening programs can be changed to fit your tastes. The beyond will help you hear better in the most challenging listening conditions, including restaurants and other public places.

Widex Unique

The Unique range was designed to catch all the sounds you need, from the high to the low frequencies, and from the loud to the quiet. No other hearing aid will give you such a wide range of sounds. 

The Unique can eliminate unnecessary soft sounds and allow in useful soothing sounds (such as quiet speech) in place. And it can significantly minimize wind noise when you're outside, no matter what the circumstances. They adapt cleverly and efficiently to any situation in which you find yourself. This helps you to distinguish speech from noise quickly, helping you enjoy the conversations that matter to you.

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