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For half a century, Starkey has been making some of the most cutting-edge hearing aid technology. William F. Austin founded the company in 1967 as a hearing aid repair facility. After increasing customer demand, Austin bought a hearing aid molding company (called Starkey Labs) and never looked back. The company's unique technology is an excellent counterweight to Danish companies' perceived dominance in the hearing industry.

Starkey was thrust into the spotlight in the 1980s as the then-president Ronald Regan used a pair of their hearing aids during his tenure. The company has personally fitted hearing aids for five subsequent U.S. presidents, as well as Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.

Starkey lives to empower people with hearing loss so that their condition does not define them. This need to serve others extends through the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which is the company's philanthropic arm. Through this foundation, the company helps people in more than 100 countries worldwide with hearing loss.

A series of firsts

Starkey has been spearheading innovative hearing aid technologies since the start of its tenure. Here are some of the firsts that the company achieved:

1971: In-the-ear hearing aid
1992: Completely-in-canal hearing aid.
2010: invisible-in-canal hearing aid
2019: 'healthable' hearing aid

Latest Starkey Hearing Aids: Phonak Models

Livio Edge AI

This model takes the industry-leading sound performance to new heights, offering immediate modifications for the most challenging listening situations.

  • Even in busy settings, hear speech comfortably while unwanted noise is suppressed.
  • Get superior sound quality, clarity, natural hearing, and straightforward transitions.
  • Stream clear telephone calls and music as it was meant to be heard.
  • Connect to accessories via Bluetooth and select smartphones.

Livio AI

Livio AI is the first 'Healthable' hearing aid in the world. It uses integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to monitor physical and cognitive health. Unique technology reduces the impact of noisy environments on language understanding by 50% and significantly reduces listening effort.

Here are some of the cutting-edge features of the Livio AI:

  • Translate real-time languages.
  • Track brain and body health through the Thrive app
  • 2.4GHz radio to help you directly stream content from a mobile phone into your hearing aids.
  • The ability to detect falls and contact close family members when a fall is detected.

Halo iQ

Halo iQ is an iPhone hearing aid that can stream content directly from an iPhone or other Apple device. 

Compared to the previous Halo hearing aids, Halo iQ hearing aids provide better directional hearing quality. The latest Halo iQ Acuity OS 2 operating system is designed to restore a more realistic sense of space while reducing background noise even better than previous models. The use of a wireless connection between the right and left hearing aids allows them to function together.

The new operating system in the Halo iQ adds a new feature that allows hearing aids to process speech and music in optimal ways.

Muse iQ

One of Starkey's most popular models is the Muse iQ, which can connect wirelessly to other devices. It is available in different styles and prices from the i1000 basic to the i2400 premium. The highest tier model is perfect for those who spend extended time in noisy environments, while their basic styles provide excellent listening performance in peaceful environments at an attractive price.


It might be a small hearing aid, but SoundLens offers excellent sound for its size. The digital hearing aid has several technical capabilities and is fully programmable. For example, Starkey 's Voice iQ is a feature that eliminates noise successfully. The PureWave technology also reduces audio feedback and sounds that you don't need. Finally, the T2 remote control allows you to manage the hearing device without worrying about the device itself.

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