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In 1878, Werner von Siemens founded a company in his name after finding that voice signals can be amplified by electrical means. After realizing that many people with hearing loss had trouble understanding on the phone, he produced an enhanced telephone receiver to help them. His company has never looked back.

The organization which evolved from these humble beginnings became one of the world's most renowned for electronics. Although Siemens invented the first behind-the-ear hearing aid in 1959, they may be best known for developing the first electronic hearing aid with two directional microphones.

The firm has since changed its name to Signia, a company which still maintains the original company's high engineering standards. The newly revamped Signia aims to build on this legacy of offering world-class hearing technology to those who need it.

Signia has already developed a strong track record in hearing aid technology. The company leverages expertise and experience to create cutting edge hearing technologies for users of tomorrow. This is evident in the quality of their Binax and Primax ranges and continues in their latest variety of hearing aid models and features.

Latest technology

Signia provides fantastic solutions no matter the lifestyle, budget, or hearing loss need. Here are some of their most exciting technologies.

  • Own Voice Processing (OVP)

    Most hearing aids are unable to naturally process the user's voice, leading to a strange, distorted tone. Signia's OVP technology helps the user recreate the natural sound of their own voice effectively while wearing hearing aids.

  • Ultra HD e2e

    Ultra HD e2e allows for binaural beam-forming technology to provide a precise understanding of speech in challenging environments.

  • Xperience

    The exclusive Xperience platform merges advanced acoustic sensors with cutting-edge motion sensors. Signia hearing aids using this technology offer a comprehensive analysis of the wearer's complex soundscape, making seamless changes for a customized listening experience for sounds in front of and around the wearer. Acoustic-motion sensors allow a radically new sound processing technology that leads to dramatically improved hearing from any direction, even while in motion.

  • Lithium-ion rechargeability

    Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries offer one easy charge for up to an entire day of hearing. With 40 percent more power than traditional rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion technology can power all the best features of Signia hearing aids.

Latest Signia Models

Signia's range of hearing aid models offers something for everybody.

Pure 312 X

The Pure 312 X includes all the advantages of the Signia Xperience platform in a new, attractive design created in unison with hearing care professionals and wearers of hearing aids. This high-performance receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid provides a more personal hearing experience, with an excellent design. It features long-lasting exchangeable batteries, plus Bluetooth connectivity to stream phone calls, music, and TV audio effortlessly.

Pure Charge&Go X

Pure Charge&Go X is a Bluetooth Reciever-in-canal hearing aid that combines the advantages of the Signia Xperience platform with the benefits of lithium-ion batteries. Users can enjoy a slim device that, even with streaming, can keep going for the entire day. For more natural adjustments to settings, Pure Charge&Go X features a rocker switch and a new inductive charger.

Styletto Connect

One of the most elegant hearing aids out there, the Styletto Connect hearing aid, is a 'Made for Iphone' hearing aid, which is suitable for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss. The attractive design evokes high-end electronics, rather than conventional hearing aids. They can also be used as earbuds for when you're watching television. The innovative charger case can carry four extra charges for the devices, which means you can leave home without worrying about finding a charging socket for a long weekend in nature.

Silk Nx

Re-designed to be 20 percent lower than its predecessor, this completely-in-channel (CIC) device now includes some of the standout features of Signia's Nx hearing aid technology designed to provide the most natural hearing experience.

With the new Silk Nx solutions, hearing aid wearers in their hearing aids don't have to sacrifice size for performance. While the already tiny Silk hearing aids have been built to be even smaller with this latest update, they are now better than ever.

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